Should You Only Sell One Thing: A Candid Conversation about mixed messages business owners get about creating offerings


Should You Only Sell One Thing: A Candid Conversation


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When we set out to create the Talking Small Business podcast, we knew we wanted to create high value content for each of you. But we also wanted to be real and have the tough, candid conversations that no one is really having in our industry. So today, we’re sharing a pretty unpopular opinion as we discuss whether or not you should only sell ONE thing to your audience. Although we’ll admit this was a tough one to work through (Kat is a self-proclaimed people pleaser who knows this will rock some boats!), we hope it’s life-giving to hear what we have to say.

Together, we have SO many thoughts about why selling more than one product can be a great thing for your business – and when selling only one thing makes sense. We really get candid about our opinions on this one. And honestly, you might be surprised by what you hear. We can’t wait to hear what YOU think about this idea of only selling one thing.

Inside this episode, you’ll hear:

  • What we mean by only “selling one thing” (3:02)
  • How this message conflicts with the idea of diversifying your income (and why it’s mind-boggling to us that this is the message presented to business owners!) (4:35)
  • How selling only one thing can cost you money (7:11)
  • Why it’s confusing to hear a message of selling only one thing and also using affiliate marketing (10:48)
  • How to strategically diversify your offerings so you don’t burn out or waste your time (15:46)
  • Why selling a high demand product could allow you to only focus on one product (23:53)
  • How to make smart buying decisions on the education you consume (27:13)
  • How to create a value ladder in your business (33:47)


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Should you only sell one thing: candid conversation about business offerings
Should You Only Sell One Thing: A Candid Conversation about mixed messages business owners get about creating offerings

Thanks for tuning into this episode of Talking Small Business! You’re always invited to our table and we can’t wait to catch you in the next conversation!






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I'm Kat Schmoyer, biz coach, educator and host of Creative at Heart Conference! I've been called "The Calendar Girl" because of my poster size Calendar and my passion for helping visionaries like YOU find a quarterly system that makes big dreams and daily’s happen!


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