Behind the Scenes: Creative at Heart Round 10


BTS: Creative at Heart Round 10


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We’re talking about something near and dear to Kat’s heart today as we recap how Creative at Heart Round 10 went this year! If you’re not familiar with Kat, she’s the founder and host of the Creative at Heart conference each year. Recently, they just had their 10th round of the conference (since 2020 got pushed to 2021!). So, we thought it might be fun to talk about what it’s really like hosting a conference, and how things changed because of the pandemic. If you’ve ever thought about hosting your own conference – or even just attending C@H, take a listen! We hope you have fun listening to our stories about this year’s round.

Inside this episode, you’ll hear:

  • How a more intimate group made this round even better for attendees (2:08)
  • The pros & cons of a virtual ticket (4:29)
  • Why having a right hand person while planning is essential (10:03)
  • Some of our favorite content from this round (15:23)
  • The idea of “crockpot success” (16:49)
  • Keynotes vs. panel sessions for conferences (19:43)
  • How this year’s conference size has changed our views on attendee numbers (21:17)
  • Why seeing the recaps on social media is so cool (22:46)


Read the full episode transcript HERE!

Links Mentioned in this Episode:

Creative at Heart

Kay Hillman (crockpot success!)

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Behind the Scenes of Creative at Heart Round 10

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